Cycle through rural villages and climb Sigiriya Rock Fortress followed by picnic lunch

An unforgettable cycling experience awaits those who wish to experience the local scenario at its best. Get inspired by the native culture and traditions of the villagers whilst taking in the beauty of the landscape and bird life around.

Seeped in simplicity and natural beauty, this experience will take you back to an interesting cycling experience to see how the village folk live and work closely with nature. While you tread on your pedals observe the rice fields as they are being worked on, taste the local fruits, play some cricket with the children, visit a village home garden to see organic produce being grown, stop at a wayside kiosk for a cuppa or sip some refreshing king-coconut water. These unique experiences will windup at the Sigiriya Rock Fortress where a 1200 steps climb will take you to the peak with its amazing view and also back in time when the fortress was under the reign of a Monarch who acquired the thrown after overthrowing his father the King. On descending you can return to the hotel on your bicycle of if you are too tired then take a ride in our backup vehicle.

You will be accompanied by an English speaking local from the area, armed with insider info and vast knowledge on fauna and flora, he will ensure you experience a true Sri Lankan village treat as you pedal through the village on your bicycles. Now can you miss out on this? If you are the kind that hungers for an authentic Sri Lankan Experience and searching for 'true insight and in-depth understanding', not superficial or arranged tourist attractions, then get in touch with us at SRI LANKAN EXPEDITIONS, a 100% locally owned company, with vast local knowledge and endorsing responsible tourism. We promise, you won’t be disappointed!