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Dine at a local restaurant in Ella

Ella is a small nice town with a lot of tourist attractions its due its epic scenery and hiking regions. When you get to Ella by train or in your own transportation method there are lot of places that you could visit such as little Adams peak, Ella rock. Other than that you could visit nine arch bridge and of course Ella market and on your way back there are lot of places that you could have a chilled beer and dine in Ella there are lot places to dine ranging from western, eastern and local food; you could dine at a local restaurant to have the taste of Sri Lankan cuisine such as rice and curry. if you prefer western there are also restaurants that serves pasta, sandwiches, burgers and many more western food and also there are restaurants serves eastern foods for a change you can dine at them, other than that you could have steaming hot vegetable samaosa,nuttela banana roti and delicious curd with treacle

So as one of your memories at Ella dine in a local restaurant and satisfy your taste buds.