Explore Colombo by foot

How about taking a personalized walk through the streets of Colombo? We say personalized because you will be accompanied by a knowledgeable, interesting, and enthusiastic guide; proficient in English and knowing every bit of Colombo; its more and less visited places, like the back of his hand. Experience personally, loads of historical places and amazing architecture its unusual sights, smells and sounds, seasoned with plenty of interesting information downloaded from the walking encyclopedia who will accompany you on the city walking expedition that promises to be eventful and certainly one of its kind!

Colombo the commercial capital of Sri Lanka and the largest city in Sri Lanka, once served as an important seaport for trade between the East and the West. Situated on the west coast of the country, Colombo is a vibrant and busy urban metropolis that boasts of all the mod-cons of today’s world in addition to some traditions of a bygone era, still alive and waiting to be experienced. The busiest areas of Colombo are definitely the Fort and the Pettah, the key commercial trading hubs. Walking through the crowds is an exciting challenge, especially avoiding the ‘Natami” (labourers) pushing carts or carrying heavy loads over their shoulders and the excitement gets greater with every step towards the busy bazaar; here you can pick up a range of items from clothes, footwear, gold, jewellery, toys, electronics and anything and everything that crosses your mind and most importantly at a bargain price. The crisscross of streets is allocated a specific trade making it convenient to shop. Pettah is also popular open air markets like the World Market for clothes and durables and the Manning Market for food stuff. Some other places not to miss visiting is the Khan Clock Tower, The Old Light House, Kayman’s Gate, The Old Town Hall, The Red Mosque, The Dutch Wolfendhal Church,The Old Dutch Hospital and many more if time permits. Nevertheless don’t miss going to the Galle Face Green, a public walk for a refreshing change; enjoy some juicy pineapple from the wayside vendors or try some delicious local cuisine from the street food stalls.