Primate experience in Polonnaruwa

A specialist guide will meet you at the Polonnaruwa cultural site to do a guided tour of Monkeys of Sri Lanka where you will be able to observe the habitat of cheeky Monkeys. The specialist guide will explain you about three types of Monkeys namely Toque Macaques, Grey Langurs and Purple Face Langurs. This is an interesting experience for children as they get to see these Monkeys having a family time playing cuddling and being cheeky over other Monkeys. These Monkeys are call Polonnaruwa historical site as their home. This is the exact location which “The Monkey Kingdom” documentary film was shot by Discovery channel.

After observing the Monkey habitat you then explore the glory of the bygone era which could be found in the archaeological treasures in Polonnaruwa that still give a good idea of how the city looked in its glory days. You'll find the archaeological park a delight to explore, with hundreds of ancient structures – tombs and temples,statues and stupas.