Farm Stay and Elephant watching

A farm stay experience is something everybody dreams of having but only a few get to experience. Here’s an opportunity to live and learn firsthand the everyday happenings of a real working farm situated in the rural outback of Wellawaya. On arrival at this 10-acre rustic hideout, which borders both the Lunugamvehera and Weheragala National Parks, you will be shown an eco abode, which you will call home for the next few days. This down to earth dwelling (sans luxury trappings) is a clean wattle and daub hut, which consists of two bedrooms with ground and upper floor lounges that overlook the lake. Each room comes with a king sized bed, mosquito net and attached bathroom with uncovered shower. Enjoy traditional Sri Lankan meals prepared using the fresh produce of the farm.

Be up at dawn to watch the farmhands start their day. After a refreshing cup of tea and a wholesome breakfast stroll through Orange, Mango, Banana, Papaya plantations in addition to hundreds of carefully tendered vegetable plots. You can also lend a hand at tilling the soil, watering the plants and gathering the produce. Learn about the plants, its medicinal values and health benefits and how the locals benefit from the project. Watch the soil being tilled, fertilized and prepared for planting and the produce being carefully hand harvested. After enjoying a healthy lunch take time to rest, bath in the nearby lake or do some bird watching, you will not be disappointed as the farm itself is home to over 30 species of birds. You can also indulge in traditional cooking, riding a tractor, fishing, canoeing and conventional curd making.

Take a safari to the nearby Lunugamwehera National Park to see leopards, crocodile, spotted deer and other wildlife in addition to plenty of Elephants for which the Lunugamwehera National Park is popularly known. While enjoying the wildlife around be treated to some welcome sundowners seated on the rocky overhang.

The matchlessness of this destination is the opportunity to see plenty of Elephants in large herds as they pas through the property (located at the edge of the Elephant Pass), bath playfully in the river or just laze around. It’s like having the Elephants in your own backyard; you can watch them undisturbed from your room balcony!

If you are the kind that hungers for an authentic Sri Lankan Experience and searching for ‘ true insight and in-depth understanding’, not superficial or arranged tourist attractions, then get in touch with us at SRI LANKAN EXPEDITIONS, a 100% locally owned company, with vast local knowledge and endorsing responsible tourism. We promise, you won’t be disappointed!