Sigiriya rural village walk with a villager

Take a real village walk through the rustic rural community of Sigiriya and Habarana accompanied by an expert guide. It’s not merely a walk only but an authentic encounter with the local village folk; experiencing their lifestyles, their culture and their hospitality. By authentic we mean it’s a true village scenario, not one set up as a tourist attraction. Since both villages are predominantly agriculture based, there is ample opportunity to experience conventional rice fields, vegetable farming, cultivation of native yams and other crops, poultry keeping, bee keeping and much more. It’s a pure interaction with the sons of the soil who laboure with the good earth to earn a living. For those with a knack for adventure, try climbing the makeshift “tree house” from where the villagers keep watch and drive-away the wild animals during the night. You will be warmly welcomed to see and even have some hands-on experience of what it’s like to be one with nature’s bounty. Let the cool breeze brush against your face as you head to one of their humble homes for a refreshing cup of Pure Ceylon Tea served with a piece of jaggery ( a sweet brown sugar made from solidified palm sap). You will also have a close encounter with fish vendors selling fresh-water fish brought from the nearby lakes, vegetable vendors with baskets of vegetables on hand-pushed carts or bicycles on their rounds through the villages. Learn the working of village industries such as clay brick making, starting from the crushing of the dry clay, kneading, moulding and finally burning in a traditional wood kiln. This one of a kind experience will also take you through patches of jungle where you can witness chena or shifting cultivation (a primitive form of agriculture) in addition to plenty of birds and some wildlife. At the end of the tour you would have experienced true Sri Lankan hospitality immersed with warmth and genuine smiles.