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Top Ideas For Family Holidays With Kids In Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a wonderful holiday destination for families with kids. This island has it all with something to offer every family whether you're looking for culture, wildlife safari, active & adventure or just a week or two soaking up the sunshine on some of Asia's best beaches. Kids will love the palm-fringed beaches and calm waters, and will delight at the abundant turtle sanctuaries found near Bentota, Induruwa and Galle. For grown up kids Sri Lanka is activity paradise, from jet skiing and surfing on the coast to white water rafting, and mountain biking in the hill country. And for parents there's everything you could possibly hope for in a family holiday – adventure, culture, history, relaxation, tantalising food and the opening to create some incredible memories with your precious ones. Below are some suggestions for your next family Holiday in Sri Lanka.

1. Polonnaruwa Monkey Watch

July 27, 2019 | by Krishan

This will be an unforgettable experience for you and your kids in your family holiday in Sri Lanka. Be prepared to visit the Monkey Kingdom and meet Kings,Queens,Prince,Princesses and troops of ancient city of Polonnaruwa. You can get up-close and personal with them.

Situated in North central province,Sri Lanka Polonnaruwa is the main city in Polonnaruwa district Polonnaruwa is the second most ancient Kingdom of Sri Lanka.Polonnaruwa was first declared the capital city by King Vijayabahu,Who defeated Chola Invaders in 1070 and reunited the country under a local leader.Today the time beaten ruins of Polonnaruwa stands saying its glorious past.

The ruins of castles and stupas are a thriving habitat for monkeys and there is a large monkey population living there and this monkey population in Polonnaruwa ruins is featured in the popular Disney Film Monkey Kingdom. There are three types of Monkeys that you can meet in this abandoned city the purple-faced leaf monkey, the toque macaque, and the grey langur.

The primate population in Polonnaruwa is preserved by the Smithsonian Primate Research Center. In the time where primate population declines in other countries the monkey population in Polonnaruwa has flourished because of the protection of this renowned research center. In this experience you and your kids will be able to observe a variety of social behaviors, including: maternal care, play, food competition, grooming, and a rich repertoire of facial gestures, body postures and vocal signals of these very interesting primates. Other than that kids will be educated about monkeys’ different social organizations and ecological strategies and take easy and up-close pictures and Opportunity to follow monkeys on foot in the surrounding forests. Spoilers : don’t forget to bring your cameras because you will be taking lots of pictures of posing Monkeys.

2. Cycling In Rural Back Roads In Sri Lanka

July 27, 2019 | by Krishan

When you are in Sri Lanka with your precious ones this is a must do activity to get the essence of Sri Lanka. Cycling in rural back roads of Sri Lanka allows you to get the idea about the authentic rural life of Sri Lanka and interact with real locals. The rural country sides that you and your kids will be cycling livelihood are mainly based in agriculture. So cycling in these areas allows you to see vegetable fields, rice fields and various crops farmed by villagers. These places are not only good for cycling but same time hot spots for viewing wildlife and nature. In these Cycling trips you will come to know the real Sri Lankan life. During this Cycling trip you come across farmers in the farming fields, village vendors, lake fishermen, cinnamon and tea gardens.

3. Volunteer in Elephant Conservation Center

July 27, 2019 | by Krishan

If you and your kids ever needed to get up-close and personal with elephants and be a part of elephant conservation program this is your ultimate chance for it. This is fun filled and same time educational activity for you and you’re Kids. It’s your call to study the conflict between elephants and humans in rural area and how the deforestation has affected the elephants and how the human and elephants try to coexist in the same land.

As your tour unwinds you will be arriving at the elephant conservation center near the wildlife national park. in the noon and you will be checked in to Elephant conservation field house near the National Park where you will stay for three days. At this time you will be served with freshly cooked Sri Lankan rice and curry lunch. After the lunch it’s time to you to head towards the main tank in the area and you will be briefed about the experience. The tank is a popular place to witness the wild elephants and while you wait to them to appear you will witness large number of birds. Your next experience will be climbing a tree top watch hut and witness how elephants and humans use the same route for movement. You will spent there till dusk and you will be amazed with sounds of nocturnal species as the darkness falls you will head back to Elephant conservation field house and freshen up and have dinner while discussing the experience that you had during the day.

The next day you will be waking up early in the morning at around 5:30 am and you will be having your early morning tea or coffee and head to the sunrise rock. This is along with the lake and you will see how the wildlife and villagers both getting ready to greet the new day. This will be your chance to meet villagers and understand village activities and local culture. You will be headed back to field house and you can fulfill your taste buds with a hearty breakfast.

As you next step you will be heading to the village and observe orange plantation that have been set up to act as elephant deterrents while providing the villagers with a supplementary income. You will be listening to the villagers stories and learn how the orange trees are helping them to coexist with elephants. You will be helping to gather data of the projects including assessing the growth, vigor and status of citrus groves and the successful l colonization of beehives. This is your ultimate chance to learn human and elephant conflict.

You will be head back to the field house to freshen up and have a home cooked lunch .In the afternoon you will be joining a Jeep Safari to the main National Park in the area and you can witness elephants and other wild species inside the park and you can collect data for Elephant ID Catalogue. After some adventurous safari ride you will be headed back to field house and freshen up and sit for a hearty full dinner while recalling and discussing the days experience at the National Park and have a good night sleep.

This will be your final day of experiencing the wildlife. You will be waking up early in the morning and you will do a sunrise walk along the Lake Bund and witness wildlife and village life .After this you will head back to filed house and have a hearty full breakfast and it’s time to say good bye to the team at the field house and elephants .This will be one of you and your kids most memorable journey.

4. Turtles Watching in Sri Lanka

July 27, 2019 | by Krishan

Watching turtles will be actually a fun filled and educational activity for you and your kids when in Sri Lanka. In Sri Lanka five out of seven species comes to shore to lay eggs and this makes Sri Lanka and ideal country to go turtle watching. When Turtles lay eggs in sand they are very scared and nervous to find that perfect place to lay their eggs and they could be easily scared by spectators. So in turtle watching you will have to wait till the turtle starts laying their eggs.

Other than watching turtles laying their eggs in the beach you can visit turtle conservation centers in Sri Lanka. This pioneering turtle conservation program was started in 1996 to protect sea turtles in their natural habitat while providing an alternative source of income to people formerly depended on the illegal collection of turtle eggs. Visiting these turtle conservation centers you and kids will be able to identify different species of turtles and notice the differences between them. You will be able to witness baby turtles come out of their shells and see the world unfolds in their eyes. You and your precious’s ones can involve in the process of releasing these new born turtles into the sea.

5. Snorkeling for Underwater Marvels

July 27, 2019 | by Krishan

Sri Lanka is an island that surrounded by the Indian Ocean so there are plenty of places to dive and snorkel. Places filled with ancient ship wreckages that go back to over 2000 years old. Sri Lanka and its surrounding sea is a wonderful place to go snorkeling and diving with you and your family.

The Oldest Known ship wreckage is near “Godawaya” modern day Hambantota.Another Popular place is Galle harbor there are more than 75 ship wreckages. Some of these wreckages date back to world war eras. “The Avondster(1659)” “The VOC Hercules (1661)” “Silver Junk” and the “Bottle wreck” to name a few. On the other hand there is the Eastern sea board is also strewn with ship wrecks from many eras, the most famous ones lies off the coast of Batticaloa now there ship wrecks lies silently in the depth of seas giving living space to marine life and corals .Other than the ship wrecks seas around Sri Lanka is home to thriving marine life and corals. Corals in beautiful colours, luminescent fish and turtles swimming around you will make you wonder about nature’s spellbinding creativity.

6. Leopards and Bears of Yala and Wilpattu

July 27, 2019 | by Krishan

If you are a wild life enthusiast and a leopard and bear lover Sri Lanka is the ideal place to you and your kids to be. Sri Lanka the pearl of Indian Ocean. It has become one the most desired safari destinations in the world thanks to its abundance of National Parks.Sri Lanka is home to a variety of species which include elephants, leopards and bears. There are 26 state-owned national parks covering an area of 5,734 square kilometres.These are protected by Sri Lankan Department of Wildlife Conservation. These includes all the way from Willpattu National Park in the north of the country, down to Yala National Park in the south with many others in between. Plenty of wildlife for you to see and lots to do.

The Leopards and Bears of Sri Lanka are coming under the big four of Sri Lanka which are elephants, Leopards, Bears & Whales. Yala and Wilpattu are two very important Wildlife National Parks of Sri Lanka. Yala National Park is the 2nd largest wildlife park in Sri Lanka. The climate here is semi-arid with vast dry woodlands and open patches of grasslands and is divided into five blocks. Park also includes wide varieties of wildlife and plants. Two large rivers flow through the park and are home to about 32 species of mammals, 125 species of birds, along with many reptiles and lagoon fauna species. Jeep Safari tour through the wildlife Park will be an unforgettable adventure. In these tours you can catch glimpse of main attraction of the safari ride “the elusive leopard”.You will find Sri Lankan leopards gliding soundlessly through the bush hunting for their next the end of dry season you will find this magnificent creation of mother nature around shrinking water holes.Other than that it is home for the sloth bear another marvelous creation of mother nature. The sloth bears are nocturnal and shy species and it’s the only species of bears that carries the cub on its back. They are found in couples only in breeding season. The sloth bears favorite food is “Palu” and “weera” fruits when it is season.

Wilpattu National Park is located west side of Anuradhapura & Wilpattu National Park has a good network of gravel roads. No wildlife excursions can be truly experienced unless you go on safari and Wilpattu National Park is no stranger to expeditions thus far and you can be sure that leopards will almost always make a grand entrance here. Wilpattu has lot of waterholes which are good places to observe wildlife. Jeep Safari is the regular norm in exploring the Wilpattu National Park. The Sloth bears are seen in Wilpattu National Park in a regular manner. When youre on your wildlife safari in wilpattu you will find this elusive leopards & Sloth bears cross the gravel roads of wilpattu forest and sometimes gliding through the undergrowth of forest for their next meal.

7. Whale watching off the coast of Mirissa

July 27, 2019 | by Krishan

Whale and dolphin watching in Mirissa is one of the most exciting water activities you can do during your holiday in Sri Lanka. Often spotted blue whales are the biggest animals in the world and Mirissa is the best place to start your whale and dolphin watching tour in Sri Lanka.This is an awesome activity to do in Sri Lanka with your kids and they will indeed have some fascinating stories to tell to friends when get back home.Mirissa is a small town on the south coast of Sri Lanka, located in the Matara District of the Southern Province. It is approximately 150 kilometres south of Colombo and is situated at an elevation of 4 metres above sea level. Mirissa's beach and nightlife make it a popular tourist destination. It is also a fishing port and one of the island's main whale and dolphin watching locations.

Blue whale is the biggest mammal on earth. Kids will surely love this adventure to watch study and photograph the Blue whales. This trip starts in Dondra Point in Mirissa the Misrissa is situated closer to the migratory route of whales and kids can also be amazed to see pods of dolphins. As we set sail deeper to the Indian Ocean you and Kids could witness Blue whales come out of water time to time and see how they shoot vapor of water in to sky. This is comfortable yet exciting boat trip to you and your kids to close encounters with the Blue whales and Dolphins.

8. Cook with a local family

July 27, 2019 | by Krishan

If you and your family like to taste gourmet food of Sri Lanka this is your ultimate chance for it .You and your kids will have awesome and fun filled experience shopping for fresh veggies, fish, meat or poultry is done in traditional style. You and your family will stroll through the conventional ‘Pola’ or market place where a wide variety of vegetables, green leaves, fruits, fresh herbs and spices are appealingly laid out in colorful rows. After collecting all the ingredients to a wholesome meal you and your family will head back to a wattle and daub cottage situated on top of a mountain.

After that in the wattle and daub kitchen you and your family will be starting the cooking process with your host. You and your family will enjoy the fun process of cutting, chopping of the veggies, grinding of the herbs, pounding of the spices and scraping of fresh coconut. You and family can closely inspect and get to know how many spices that you should add for each dish to preserve the nutrition and goodness.

You and your kids will enjoy how the freshly scraped coconut milk poured over the curries that are being cooked in terracotta clay pots on a crackling wood hearth. You and your family will learn some interesting facts about traditional Sri Lankan cooking. Finally you and your family can enjoy mouthwatering traditional Sri Lankan dishes seated out on the open-to- nature dining area.

9. Walk in the rural mountainous villages

July 27, 2019 | by Krishan

This is you and your family’s ultimate chance to experience the breathtaking view of the mountainous sides and rural villages of Sri Lanka. You and your kids will take this walk to one of the most beautiful and remote villages in Kandy at the foothills of Knuckles Mountains with an experienced guide and a villager. On this tour you will experience untouched beauty of real authentic villages of Sri Lanka without effect of mass tourism industry.

In this tour you and your precious ones will be passing Pine forests, Tea estates, gushing streams, jungle patches, waterfalls, terraced rice fields and domestic spice fields. You will have chance to meet and interact with real locals and study their way of living. You and your family will have chance to see real working paddy fields, spice fields and tea fields.

On the way on your walking in mountainous villages you and family will have chance to satisfy your taste buds with local home cooked food. You can even get involved in the cooking and after the meal you and family will be served with their orchard fruits such as Mangoes and Bananas.

10. Walk in the Cloud Forests

July 27, 2019 | by Krishan

This is your ultimate chance to walk in a cloud forest near Knuckles mountain range with your family members.

You and your family will start journey at the foothills of Knuckles Mountains and explore the vicinity of the Knuckles Mountain with an experience guide and a villager. You will find yourself in surrounded with a real authentic villages and virgin forests.

The walk goes through Pine forests, Tea estates, gushing streams, jungle patches, waterfalls, terraced rice fields and domestic spice fields. So you will be able to see working spice, paddy and tea fields, interact with real locals, taste home cooked food, and see how animals are used for farming work.

You would be able to visit a real home in the mountains where one could witness or join cooking with the locals. The home cooked meal will be served as your lunch complimented with fresh home grown fruits such as Mangoes and Bananas.

11. Rural Farm Stay in an Elephant crossroad

July 27, 2019 | by Krishan

If there is a little adventurer in your kids this is most ideal tour for them when in sri Lanka.This rural farm stay is an off the beaten track rustic gateway. There are ample of activities in the area you and your family can involve in and surely you and family members will love them. The Rural Farm is situated in an elephant crossroad and you and kids can have both wildlife and agriculture experience. The rural farm boasts about wild elephants that can be seen from your bedroom so your family members will have the privilege of seeing wild elephants in their natural habitat with their younglings. The 30 acers agricultural land will provide ample of attractions to the kids and they will get to know nature and love it.

You and family members will love of taking part in planting agricultural crops plants such as orange,mango,papaya and various vegetable plants. it's fun when you can plant those with your own hands . Kids can also lend a hand at tilling the soil, watering the plants and gathering the produce. You and family members can go on canoe ride on the lake that is on the agricultural land and same time do fishing in the lake. You and your kids can even participate in driving a tractor with an adult supervision.

You and family members can participate in preparing the wholesome freshly food that is from the farm The Rural farm stay boasts of lot of bird species within the area, so if you have a keen sense about nature this is the most ideal place to watch birds and their behaviors in the surroundings.

Other than that the whole family could go on safari ride in a jeep to the nearby Lunugamwehera National Park, Both grown up and small kids will love to see lot of animals.

12. Be a Junior Ranger

July 27, 2019 | by Krishan

This is a fun filled and same time educational activity for you and mainly for the Kids. Once you arrived at the place you’re staying for the Safari event in Habrana your host which is very educated one in wildlife and fauna and flora of the area will give your kids a short description about the wildlife ,birds and flora and fauna in the area. Your kid will be provided a chart to be filled out when you and your kids involved in the Safari ride in the next day.

At the brink of the next day you and your kids will be drown to the wilderness by your host on a Safari jeep and your kids will enjoy every minute of this .They will have to fill out the chart and get idea about the wild animals including elephants , bears, leopards and of course the birds. This will be your kids on the field activity. In the evening you re kids will have to handover their filled out chart to your host and he will be rating it and you and your kids will enjoy brining and gathering the sticks for the camp fire. You and family will enjoy a scrumptious B.B.Q dinner.

You and family members can participate in preparing the wholesome freshly food that is from the farm The Rural farm stay boasts of lot of bird species within the area, so if you have a keen sense about nature this is the most ideal place to watch birds and their behaviors in the surroundings.

The next day morning your kid’s ultimate goal will be achieved. Your kid will be handed over a printed certificate about the achievements and knowledge that had the during your stay at the place and at the Safari ride as a “Junior Field Ranger”. You re kid will have an awesome memory to show his friend when you fly back home.

13. Wildereness treasure hunt

July 27, 2019 | by Krishan

If your kid likes to be a part of Indiana john’s legacy this is an awesome chance for it .This is a fun filled activity for Junior and teenager kids. Once you are in the place of your Habarana host your kid will be provided with a route map and following this map your kid will be able to find hidden treasure.You as the parent will have to help them to find them by riding them in an ATV Bike or on a Cycle or in a Scooter. This will be fun filled and educational activity for your kids they will get to know how to read a map and where to find the marked places. If your kids a teenager he or she will have this activity more challenging he will be given extra tasks to complete. For an example he will have to interact with locals in order to fill up his water bottle in this task and learn how to use a tube well which is mostly situated in the area. In the end of this activity your kid will win all the trophy’s marked in the map as a souvenir to his or hers visit to Sri Lanka.

14. Learn to ride a Tuk Tuk

July 27, 2019 | by Krishan

Have you ever tried of driving a Tuk Tuk rather than your own vehicle back in homeland? If not this is your ultimate chance to learn it. You will be learning it from the best. In most Asian country’s main transportation method is Tuk Tuk or a three-wheeler. If your kid is a teenager and fit enough to ride a vehicle this is an awesome chance. If you also like to get the lessons to ride a Tuk Tuk this will be your call as well.

15. Stay in a rural village on a Tree House

July 27, 2019 | by Krishan

Have you ever wondered of spending a night on a tree house with your family members would be like, If not this is your chance. Staying in a tree house is not a new thing in these days in Sri Lanka. The watch huts in rural areas are the predecessors in this travel experience. In gone days these watch huts are used to view of the fields in the property and to stay clear of wild elephants and other wildlife. Staying in a Tree House is another way to get close to the Mother Nature .Experience the night as you never experienced before on a top of a tree top house with all the basic amenities and comforts at hand. Hence it will be right in the middle of a paddy field, thick jungle, and tea plantation or beside a flowing river.

When staying in a tree house you can stay in either in Sigiriya or Habarana.Both of this Tree houses are far away from the busy city life and surrounded with abundant nature. In these Tree houses stays you can get idea about the village life and sometimes you will able catch glimpse of wild elephants roaming around.In these tree houses you will have basic amenities that you need such as bathrooms, Showers and of course sometimes natural pools. And there is facility of having a camp fire in the evening and you can call it a day.

In the night cuddle up in your wooden bed and listen to natures night lullaby and experience the cold breeze and you will be sleeping soundly in your tree house.

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