Stay a night in a mobile-tented safari camp in Udawalawe NP

Welcome to a true mobile tented camping experience in the wilds of Udawalawe; one that’s bursting with excitement, enchantment and plenty of fun. From the moment you set foot on the wild territory of the Udawalawe sanctuary and the temporary campsite situated deep within it you are in for some exciting moments just waiting to happen.

The campsite with its basic tents are equipped with all essentials; real beds and pillows, with flushable toilet and running water, an open sit-out where you can observer wildlife and the opportunity to enjoy good wholesome food prepared fresh everyday.

Take an early morning game drive through the park and enjoy the wildlife waking up to another long day. Enjoy Udawalawe National park famed for large herds of Elephants, hundreds of water birds and if your lucky leopards in addition to other rare mammals, reptiles, amphibians and fish too. The advantage of staying within the park itself is that you can enjoy the wildlife long before the crowds come in.

You can spend an interesting and enlightening day at the campsite too where there is so much to do and enjoy. Help with the days cooking while familiarizing with local cuisine, take a cool river bath, indulge in photography, bird watching or even ‘meditating’ with nothing to disturb you.

Enjoy your meals or evening tea and sundowners by the river, in fact right on the riverbank itself with your feet touching the water!

At sunset you can help light up the campfire and copra torches all ready for an awesome BBQ waiting to be enjoyed. Let the stars shine above you while you slumber to the sounds of the wild countryside.