Tea Estate Walks in Haputale

You may have heard of Ceylon Tea, the finest in the world and may have tasted some too, but if you ever dreamt of visiting a tea plantation in Ceylon then your dream has come true!

Take a walk on steep winding mountain road in Haputale a high altitude destination that boasts of beautiful misty mountain scenery, deep gorges picturesque valleys, cascading waterfalls and verdant tea plantations that stretch out like velvet green carpets.

Walk through the lush green tea bushes, talk to the friendly tea pluckers and observe closely how the two leaves and bud is carefully hand harvested; you can try your hand at plucking some too. Watch the tea being weighed and then transported to the nearby factory. Don’t forget a factory visit to see how the tea is processed and packed. End the day with a refreshing cup of Pure Ceylon tea and buy some to take back home!