Trek to Ella Rock

Get ready to the most scenic tour in Sri Lanka , visiting Ella and Ella rock is one of mandatory things to do when in Sri Lanka. Ella is a tiny place with a railway station and one main road that is flanked by hotels, guesthouses and restaurants. It is a gorgeous, intimate town with stunning countryside and views. Ella is said to be the closest thing to an "English countryside" and once you head for the hills you’ll truly experience the Ella that is described in the guidebooks. Grand vistas stretch as far as the eye can see and nowhere is more impressive than from the hike and summit of Ella Rock.

For the Ella tour it is recommended you take train tour from Kandy to Ella which is known as one of the most scenic train journey in the world. The train ride will take you passing dense forest, tea plantations, cascading waterfalls and most iconic part the nine arched bridge.

After getting to Ella the four to five hours strenuous journey begins at Ella town where you head to train station and start walking left and end of the platform start walking on the railway .don't worry about the signs everyone does it including locals so no one's going to stop you. However note that time to time trains come along this railway so if one approaches stay out of the railway. After walking around 40 minutes you will arrive at the "Kithalella railway station",walk past the station for another 5-10 minutes lookout a rock marked with a blue arrow saying "Ella rock".

Follow the path and cross the foot bridge, after it you will come to a fork in the route. Take the left path .stay on the path into the tea plantation there will be long grass both sides, soon after the long grass the trail will open up veer right this will take you to the interim point.

From there it's straight forward and steep path to the top of Ella rock. On the top you will get the breathtaking view from Ella rock and surely you will forget all the sweat you shed to climb the rock to get the view.