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Best Things to do in Sri Lanka | Wellawaya

Top 2 Travel Experiences in Wellawaya

Wellawaya is a town located in Monaragala district of Sri Lanka.Wellawaya is famous amongst the travelers who wish to have off the beaten path travel experiences. Wellawaya is a forgotten gateway to a world of Sri Lankan adventures that range from chasing waterfalls, discovering archaeological sites, hiking, trekking, roaming around on wildlife safaris, and more.

Wellawaya is located in a place that you can easily access major tourist attractions of Sri Lankaf you wish to spot even more species of wildlife, the Uda Walawe National Park further south is not only home to the largest population of elephants in Sri Lanka .And direct down from Wellawaya is famous Yala National Park which is accessible around one and half-hours' time. In the east to Wellawaya is the popular surfing spot Arugambay.From North to Wellawaya travel through lush tea plantations of our central highlands to popular mountain destinations such as Ella, complete with its spectacles of the Nine Arch Bridge, Little Adam’s Peak, Ravana Falls, and more. To the west Colombo is easily acessible.

Finally Wellwaya is located in a convenient place that you can access historical places like Yudaganwa and Buduruwagala so you can travel centuries back.Wellawaya is a place that you can see and experience rural farming and same time interact with locals and experience their authentic rural way of living.